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One Month Self-Mastery
Sacred Plant Medicine Journey

We are delighted to introduce you to a transformative one-month Self-Mastery Plant Medicine Journey, curated with profound reverence for ancestral traditions and the sacred wisdom of our Earth. Guided by the esteemed Dr. Mo of Moya Ministry, this extraordinary offering combines ancient practices with modern techniques to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

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Prepare to immerse yourself in a unique fusion of healing modalities, including Colonics, Infrared Sauna sessions, and Nutritional Recommendations. These powerful tools pave the way for a deeper connection and alignment with nature's plant allies, unlocking their potent gifts within you.

As part of this exalted program, you will be granted access to the divine Plant Allies, carefully selected to support your spiritual journey:

1.  **Sananga Honey Eye Drops**: Experience the profound clarity and heightened vision offered by these sacred drops. They will open the gateway to your inner sight, allowing you to perceive the world with newfound wisdom and depth.


2.  **Ambi Sacha Yage Tincture (Microdosing)**: Delve into the subtle realms of consciousness as you explore the gentle yet transformative effects of Ambi Sacha Yage. Through microdosing, you will unlock ancient wisdom and receive profound guidance, leading to self-discovery and inner transformation.


3.  **Ambil Fuerte**: Embrace the sacred strength and vibrant energy bestowed upon you by Ambil Fuerte. This powerful plant ally will empower, protect, and energize you, so you may navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

Dr. Mo, a revered practitioner deeply rooted in ancestral traditions, will serve as your guide throughout this sacred journey. Drawing upon her extensive expertise and intuitive wisdom, she will craft a personalized program tailored to your unique needs, supporting you every step of the way.

This one-month Self-Mastery Plant Medicine Journey is an invitation to connect with the profound healing intelligence of nature and rediscover your innate wisdom. It serves as a vessel for transformation, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.


To embark on this extraordinary journey, reach out to Dr. Mo of Moya Ministry today. Contact her aby sending an email to, and surrender to the loving embrace of ancestral healing practices.


May this sacred program awaken the dormant powers within you, illuminating your path with divine insight and deep healing.

In reverence and gratitude,

Dr. Mo, DMETA (NON-medical)
Moya Ministry

*Not all will be accepted to this journey.  Guidance through and access to the Sacred Medicine is at the complete discretion of Dr. Mo.

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